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About our services

We provide assistance throughout the travel authorization process to non-US residents wishing to enter the United States. Our specialized agents will make the travel application on your behalf and will advise you of the result. We also offer application review, translation, application completion support, and grammar, accuracy and content error correction. A direct contact by e-mail will be established between the customers and our agents for a better information sharing. No legal advice will be provided. If you need legal assistance, consult directly an authorized lawyer.

The travel authorization will be issued directly after submission of the application form found on our Site. The ESTA application will be approved only by decision of the US authorities. The processing time is 24 hours. However, in the case of errors or incomplete sections, the analysis of the application might be delayed.

The ESTA travel authorization is valid for 2 years. If your passport expires before ESTA, you will need to reapply. You may enter and leave the United States freely during the validity of your ESTA and your passport.


Make sure that all yourinformation is correct before submitting your application and paying your ESTA travel authorization. After you have thoroughly checked, enter the payment method for our service charge.

Each order on our site requires your confirmation of the legality of the payment method. In the case of a credit card, confirmation that you own it or that you have a direct authorization from the owner is required.

Our website features accurate and up-to-date information provided by the US Government. Its design facilitates the filing of an ESTA application with accurate and relevant information. However, you use these information at your own risk. Contact customer service to leave a comment on the use of these information.


Each application costs 59 USD (fifty nine USD) in service fees. This cost includes the filing fees with the US Department, the processing fees and margin of the company as well as the various bank charges and charges. All fees are billed in US dollars. Check the exchange rates before filing the application to estimate the total cost.

Service Delivery and Refund Policy

You will be billed before the start of the service. A confirmation email will be sent to the address indicated in your request. Check this email in your “spam” if not received.

After your approval of payment, your application will be reviewed and, if necessary, adjusted by a data specialist. A copy of your ESTA request will be sent to you by e-mail within 24 hours. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the information you provide. So be sure to enter a valid email address. The sending of this copy by e-mail by the data specialist defines the official completion of our services. The customer is imperatively obliged to contact us in case of non-receipt of this e-mail approval within 24 hours. If, in accordance with the appropriate “Guidelines”, you are eligible for a refund, apply for it before the service is performed. Once the ESTA application is processed, sent to the US authorities or a copy has been sent by email, no refund will be accepted. Since the customer has been informed about the consumer’s “instructions”, they become ineligible for refund after sending a copy of the result.

Our refund policy involves the transfer of your funds to the same credit card used for the initial purchase, the transaction being processed directly with your financial institution. The refund in USD will be made within 10 – 14 business days. All transfer fees will be at your expense.

Contact us by e-mail at contact@www.esta-apply-form.com to confirm the cancellation of the procedures to obtain your ESTA. The email must include your full name and e-mail address identical to those indicated in your request. Once we receive it, we will stop the procedures related to your application. If you want a refund, please specify it in your cancellation email without which we can’t follow through.


A refusal of your application by the Department of Homeland Security and by Customs and Border Protection entitles you to a refund of 15USD for processing fees.

We reserve the right to freely change our refund and delivery policies. Check ourwebsite regularly for any changes.

In case of problems due to misuse of the website, you automatically have the right of legal action by the mere use of the Site and its services. This includes compensation for damages suffered by team members, agents and shareholders.

Confidentiality and data protection

Protecting the privacy of your data and personal information is a priority for the Service Provider. By using our service, you acknowledge and agree that the use and disclosure of such information by the Company.

If you live in the EEA, we process your information to honor our joint contracts (your orders on the site …) or to defend our legitimate commercial interests mentioned above, unless the law requires obtaining your consent for a specific treatment.

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Legal notice and warning

This wesite is in no way connected to the US government. This is a private company.

The site is managed and any communication is sent to contact@www.esta-apply-form.com


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Terms and conditions

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